Cookies aus dem Magento Shop für Externe Anwendungen freischalten (Viewer)

Im Magento Backend kann man die Cookies so setzen, das externe Anwendungen darauf zugreifen können. Wenn die Werte in den MAgentoeinstellungen nicht gesetzt sind ist dies nicht möglich.

Session Cookie Management Field Descriptions

  • Cookie Lifetime
  • Cookie Path
  • Cookie Domain
  • Use HTTP Only

Magento uses cookies to keep track of each visitor and to link them to their shopping cart. The “Session cookie management” settings correspond to the parameters of the PHP Setcookie function.

The Cookie path allows you to make Magento cookies available in other directories (folder paths) than the current. If you want to make cookies available anywhere in a site you should set this value to a single forward slash:


The Cookie Domain is mainly used to control whether cookies will be visible in subdomains (e.g. or not. To ensure that cookies are available in all your subdomains, enter your domain name prefixed with a period:

The Cookie Lifetime setting controls when the browser deletes the Magento cookies automatically. The default value is 3600 which means that the cookies remain in the browser for one hour (60 minutes * 60 seconds) unless the browser deletes the cookies for some other reason.

Note: Magento requires the user’s browser to accept its cookies. Using cookies may conflict with the browser’s privacy settings. You may be forced to provide a compact privacy policy to the browser, or to set the Cookie Lifetime to 0 to ensure that your cookies disappear with the browser session.


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